Friday, August 28, 2009

Marching Band Chops

my trumpet students have inspired me to develop countless routines focusing on fundamentals and the development of great tone, range, and endurance/ students who are involved in marching band, jazz band, etc. need to pay special attention to taking care of their chops/ very important to warm up and be rested prior to a demanding rehearsal or performance/ picking a brief or extended routine will depend on available time and each individuals needs/ I strongly recommend that my students play an easy cool down session after a demanding rehearsal or performance/ download “Marching Band Chops”, a free mini book from the Resources page at the instruction and ideas included in this routine are invaluable/ do the long routine (35 minutes) or the short version (15 minutes)/ the exercises are extremely effective when you follow the directions and focus.

………… is the pre pre warm up – R

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